About Metal Crusade

Despite my efforts I couldn’t come up with a catchy tagline – “overhead view real-time tactical giant military robot simulation” is as condensed as I have managed so far. The game is played on a few different levels of gameplay. The main meal is of course real time combat in giant robots where you get to personally pilot one.

As the game progresses the focus shifts to customising your armament, customising your crusader, hiring wingmen, group tactics, designing your own crusaders, global strategy, taking over facilities and land and ultimately in effect running your tiny empire.

The actual fighting happens in real-time on small maps with a few hundred units at most and small skirmishes of a few dozen being the norm. The strategy part will be turn based and take place on a global map divided into hexes. The third major place you’ll spend time in would be the screen where you run your mercenary company – take jobs, customise, design buy and sell crusaders, hire squad members etc..

Why I started this project

Metal Crusade is an idea I had years ago but never had the opportunity or enough motivation to embark upon (I tell a lie, I did make an aborted attempt at making a browser game out of it). When I made the decision to switch careers from artist to programmer I wanted to use this project as a demo to get a better chance at landing a job interview. Now I realise this project is quite more than a demo would require and that it’s going to run and run and besides, it’s always been intended to be more than just a demo for me. Hence the scope being as big as it is.

My plans for this project

I plan to develop it as actively as I can until I find a job again and then continue it as a side project. Hopefully by that time it will be in a more advanced state and thus more welcoming to contributors who’d like to join in. This isn’t exactly feasible as a one man project.