When will an ALPHA be ready?

Sometime in late 2011 I’d imagine.

When will a BETA be ready?

Sometime in 2012 but I hope this project will just continue to evolve as long as there’s any interest in it.

What are the minimum specs?

A 3D card from the current millennium and OpenGL. I’m trying to keep the spec low enough to be able to play it on my old atom netbook.

What libraries does it use and what platforms does it run on?

It uses OGRE for rendering and OIS for input. It is intended to work on Linux and Windows. It could probably be also compiled for any platform that OGRE and OIS run on if someone wants to try.

What license is it released under?

The code is released under GPL V3 and other assets are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

(If you’re thinking about contributing: I’m not a stickler for licenses and I can accommodate your contributions as long as your license is vaguely permissive.)

Are you open to contributions/collaboration?

Of course I am. This project is free software and you are more than welcome, in fact you are invited to join in. The game is being written in C++ using OGRE as the graphics engine. I would also welcome any artists, sound engineers and musicians. Just get in touch.

Personally I use Maya for animations and creating collision meshes but that’s because that’s the only export setup that works for me and MEL is a lot faster to write ad-hoc scripts in than maxscript. But the game itself uses OGRE formats for models, anims and materials and I use regular image files for textures so you can use any package you fancy. I can write maxscripts if needed and exporters for OGRE exist for many packages.

I haven’t touched the sound system yet but I do plan to have sound effects and possibly music if any musician feels like contributing some.