2011-04-04 - Falling foul of 90% of indie game cliches

Pixelated graphics – check, chiptunes – check, generated content – check. Only now do I realise I’m a living cliché.

tigsource forum thread about indie dev clichés

Some of the clichés are just a way of cutting corners. OK, chiptunes are just an aesthetic decision but generated content and stylised graphics are also ways of cutting down on work. I’m not going to kick anyone out the door if they produce photo-realistic models for me.

In a fantasy world this game would run on voxels and play jazz improvised at runtime.

In the end though, this is hardly an indie game (not least because it’s not a platformer ;) ). Just something I work on for fun when I’m not slaving away on those “totally sold-out soulless mainstream games”.